4Links SpaceWire

4Links test equipment reduces SpaceWire development cost and time, and increases what can be achieved within a limited budget. It is unmatched in its bug detection capabilities, its diagnostics, its instrumentation of time, and its ability to test SpaceWire networks remotely over the Internet.

Like SpaceWire itself, 4Links test equipment scales, from testing a single device up to coordinated testing of tens or hundreds of SpaceWire nodes. Easy upgrades minimise equipment costs over the life-cycle of a project. All of these help to solve problems quickly, before they incur expense and delay. Customers using 4Links test equipment have rapidly detected - and solved - problems that had long remained undetected or unsolved.

The 4Links Modular Satellite Development System

For customers needing a second opinion on their own designs, or an evaluation of a SpaceWire product that they intend to use, 4Links offers SpaceWire consultancy that builds on the unique capabilities of our test equipment and our unique experience of developing with SpaceWire. We also have developed a range of SpaceWire IP products, from simple interfaces to complex systems-on-chip, all based on the efficient and robust SpaceWire design that has been proven by so many users of our test equipment.

This summer, 4Links will exhibit at the International SpaceWire Conference 2018 in Long Beach, USA, from 15th-17th May 2018, at the Military and Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices Workshop (MAPLD 2018) in La Jolla, USA, from 21st-24th May 2018, and at DASIA 2018 in Oxford, UK, from 29th-31st May 2018. We will also exhibit at the Small Satellite Conference 2018 in Utah, USA, from 6th-9th August 2018.

"4Links is the quality supplier of SpaceWire test equipment" Customer Quote