An early demonstration of SpaceWire Networking - the 4Links Demo

In 2002, 4Links presented what became known as "The 4Links Demo".

We showed a simple SpaceWire network, carrying uncompressed video from cameras, through the network, to displays. A camera could be connected to one of the displays by dragging and dropping the connections from the camera to the display on another screen. If a link was unplugged, and there was a redundant SpaceWire link in the path, traffic would be switched to the redundant link within the 60 microseconds of a video scan line. When the camera or display was moved to a different place in the network, the connection was reconfigured autonomously.

This demo was shown many times in many places in Europe and in the United States. With comments such as ...

"The best demo in the world" Thales Alenia Space


"It's the first demo that disobeys Murphy's law - it always works!" ESA


"We thought we had a choice between performance and reliability - you have shown that we can have both" NASA

... the 4Links SpaceWire Demo had a major impact on the acceptance of SpaceWire world-wide.

Read more about the 4Links SpaceWire Demo in this paper from 2007.