About 4Links and SpaceWire

"4Links is the quality supplier of SpaceWire test equipment" Customer Quote

This is one of many quotes praising 4Links, our products, our quality, and our contribution to SpaceWire. We've earned this praise by helping people to build "Networks that Work" and we welcome you to join those who have benefited from working with 4Links and with our products. Here are just a few of our qualifications:

SpaceWire has been the result of the work of many people throughout the world. But it would not have come about without 4Links CEO, Paul Walker, proposing an internal standard based on the transputer link technology, while he was at Inmos in the late 1980s. That internal standard evolved to IEEE 1355, and IEEE 1355 evolved to SpaceWire.

4Links CTO, Barry Cook, also has a long association with the technology, having organized two transputer conferences and contributed to many more. Long before the SpaceWire Working Group was formed, he developed the first programmable logic implementation of IEEE 1355 which, to the astonishment of the European prime contractor who bought boards made with it, passed all tests at the first attempt.

To promote a market for SpaceWire and our test equipment for SpaceWire, 4Links developed a demonstration of a high-performance fault-tolerant network, and showed this at every opportunity for several years. Live video was transferred through the network, and continued to be displayed even while signal cables were unplugged or power cables unplugged from routing switches. First shown in 2002, it encouraged new users of SpaceWire and gave early users (and their managers) confidence that SpaceWire could deliver on its promise (See our paper describing the 4Links SpaceWire demonstration, with its focus on plug and play).

To help SpaceWire users with solutions to problems that they have raised, we have presented an extraordinarily wide variety of papers on SpaceWire implementation and use. An early one was about IEEE 1355 in Nikkei Electronics, and more recently the first papers on SpaceWire published in Acta Astonautica were from 4Links. (A wide range of solutions is given in these 4Links papers)

4Links has consistently led the market for SpaceWire test, resulting in customer quotes such as the one above, praising our quality. The purpose of test equipment is to expose bugs and provide the information to resolve them. That is exactly what 4Links test equipment does. Another quote, from another prime contractor was "This is just what SpaceWire needs, and no one else is anywhere close". See our summary of 4Links products for SpaceWire here.

To sum up, the history of our involvement in SpaceWire, our depth of understanding, our promotion to help its world-wide adoption, and the quality of our products, are second to none. We at 4Links strive to deliver quality products to save you bugs, time and money - throughout the life of your projects - so that you can build quality into your own products. See Why SpaceWire users buy test equipment from 4Links.

4Links is a member of several trade associations. See the full list here.