4Links at SmallSat in August 2015

4Links was an exhibitor at the SmallSat 2015 conference in Logan, UT, USA from 8th-13th August 2015.

The 4Links stand at SmallSat 2015

The centrepiece of our display was a demonstration of the proposed ESA N-MaSS Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery protocol, running on a prototype of our new SpaceWire Satellite Development System. The PXIe chassis accommodated seven LEON processors, seven four-port SpaceWire routers, a virtual power controller, a SpaceWire-to-Ethernet bridge and an RS-422 interface.

These modules were wired into an example of a spacecraft's SpaceWire data-handling network, and used its FDIR facilities to recover automatically from faults such as removed cables, failed routers, and powered-off processors. The display provided live updates on the status of the SpaceWire network and on the active routes that had been enabled by the FDIR algorithms.

The 4Links SSDS exhibit at SmallSat 2015