4Links at IAC, Cape Town, in October 2011

4Links exhibited at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2011. We joined three other companies and the British Interplanetary Society on a UK stand.

We renewed acquaintance with many with whom we have been doing business for years, and met many new people from customer companies and plenty of new contacts - all interested in SpaceWire.

Particularly impressive events were the lectures by Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, and by John Shannon, also of NASA, who spoke about the shuttle programme. Charles Bolden enthused young people in the audience with gaining the education and qualities needed to be an Astronaut or an Engineer. John Shannon analyzed some successes and one failure, showing that the successes sprang from a culture of rigorous and continuous testing, together with investigating the slightest unexpected occurrence to find the root cause - and that the consequent continuous improvement ensured success.

The site was excellent for IAC, pleasantly warm and dry, with the exhibition in the same building as the conference, and with the welcome reception held in the exhibition hall.

The stand we shared featured an extraordinarily wide variety of space activities: