4Links at the International SpaceWire Conference 2011

4Links attended the International SpaceWire Conference 2011 in San Antonio, TX, USA, from 8th-10th November 2011.

Before the conference, we hosted a Tutorial on SpaceWire Test on the afternoon of Monday 7th November 2011 and an informal drinks reception that evening.

  • Exhibition

    In the ISC 2011 exhibition, we demonstrated our wide range of test equipment for SpaceWire that includes high-performance simulators, interfaces, analysers and recorders.

    As well as our existing software products, we also demonstrated some early prototype software for the visualisation of SpaceWire network traffic that has been recorded by our Multi-link SpaceWire Recorder. These new tools will become available soon.

  • Conference Paper

    We presented a paper that analysed how 4Links' Virtual SpaceWire Networks provide deterministic real-time performance at the same time as excellent bandwidth for volume data.

    The paper quantifies typical latency requirements of SpaceWire networks. It goes on to describe a simple technique that uses virtualization and priorities with dynamic, on-demand segmentation, to provide deterministic, low latency delivery of packets whilst allowing high utilisation of the network. This offers the ability to carry data with real-time and low-latency requirements, such as command and control, at the same time as, and completely fire-walled from, high-bandwidth data such as that from experiments and instruments.

    Download this paper now from our bibliography pages.

  • Tutorial

    4Links ran a very successful tutorial on the day before ISC 2011. See the report on this tutorial on the Tutorial on SpaceWire Test Web page.

  • 4Links Reception

    Following the tutorial, all of the ISC delegates were invited to join the 4Links staff for an informal reception in the courtyard of the conference hotel. Many of the delegates who had arrived early in San Antonio came along and enjoyed a pre-conference buffet and chat.

  • U.S. Distributor

    North American customers can buy our products from Aeroflex Colorado Springs, who also exhibited at ISC 2011.