Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR)

The Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) is a versatile item of test equipment. It has eight ports and can be configured (by the user) as a range of SpaceWire routing switches, for example as a single 8-port switch, as two independent four-port switches or as one three-port switch together with a five-port switch.

Switch configurations may be fully ECSS compliant, or can offer additional capabilities. Data concentrators / de-concentrators (multiplexers / de-multiplexers) can also be configured. Traffic monitoring is also available with Packet Statistics summarizing the traffic from each port to each port, reporting statistics via the Ethernet connection.

When used as an infrastructure device, the Flexible SpaceWire Router can be used to build a switched SpaceWire network, and this network can be used to develop software in advance of the readiness of engineering or flight equipment.

When used as part of a prototype (or flight) SpaceWire network, the Flexible SpaceWire Router can be added to provide extra connectivity for test equipment, avoiding the need to re-connect cables as monitoring needs change or as a series of tests are executed under computer control.

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Download the FSR Product Brief (PDF)