SpaceWire Network Infrastructure Devices

In addition to the spacecraft under test, and interfaces to external equipment, it is usual for an EGSE to incorporate further SpaceWire networking devices. The 4Links Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) and Absolute Time Interface (ATI) provide important facilities for ground-based testing.

The FSR Router allows connections to be made in place of devices that have not yet been delivered, or which are currently being tested elsewhere.

The Absolute Time Interface connects an IRIG time source into all of the 4Links test equipment, allowing the units to be synchronised to an accuracy of better than 3ns. This provides an absolute time reference to allow all of the test measurements to be cross-correlated easily, and to provide accurate records of the tests that have been conducted.

4Links also supplies low-cost SpaceWire cables for use during testing in the laboratory or cleanroom.

Our product line-up includes:

Absolute Time Interface (ATI) Our Absolute Time Interface (ATI) synchronises a SpaceWire network to an IRIG time source, so that archived test records can be time-tagged to sub-microsecond accuracy.
Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) The Flexible SpaceWire Router from 4Links is an eight-port SpaceWire routing switch that provides Ethernet connectivity for its control, monitoring and diagnostics.
SpaceWire Laboratory Cables Our low-cost SpaceWire cables for the test laboratory are flexible, available in standard and custom lengths, and you may choose between two styles of connector termination.