Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI)

The Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI) enables you to test up to eight ports concurrently, with diagnostics that have detected and resolved many problems that were previously either undetected or long unsolved. The link speed can be set at up to 400 Mb/s in steps of 1 Mbit/s or less.

Diagnostics include time-tagging and waveform capture, extensive and precise error insertion, and packets synchronized to start or end at the same time, typically to within less than 10 nanosecond of each other, or with fixed offsets. All interrupt codes and time codes (including multiple codes) can be transferred between SpaceWire and the user. All data transfers, in both directions on all ports, can be recorded for subsequent analysis or playback.

DSI units can be synchronized with other DSI units so that time-tags and synchronized outputs are consistent over a system with many SpaceWire links. DSI units can also be synchronized with other units such as the Multi-link SpaceWire Recorder (MSR) and the SpaceWire RMAP Responder (SRR).

4Links Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI)

Download the DSI Product Brief (PDF)