EtherSpaceLink ESL-RG401/8

The EtherSpaceLink ESL-RG401/8 Ethernet to SpaceWire interface includes all the capability of the ESL-RG201, including NASA Time Code generation and diagnostics. Enhancements for the ESL-RG401/8 include transmit speed settable in steps of 1 Mbit/s or less up to 400Mbit/s, and eight physical ports of which one can be used at a time.

An additional benefit of the eight-port platform used by the ESL-RG401/8 is that different memory cards can be plugged in to turn the platform into one of the other products such as a Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface or a Multi-link SpaceWire Recorder.

Like all members of the EtherSpaceLink range, the ESL-RG401/8 shares the capability of Gigabit Ethernet to connect your SpaceWire system-under-test to a test computer located in the laboratory or cleanroom - or anywhere else on the Internet. No other interconnection scheme provides such flexibility.

4Links EtherSpaceLink ESL-RG401/8

Download the ESL-RG401/8 Product Brief (PDF)