SpaceWire Interfaces and Bridges

Our high-performance SpaceWire Interfaces and Bridges allow SpaceWire networks to be connected to the real world using Gigabit Ethernet. Typically, this allows spacecraft developers to access their subsystems from the next-door cleanroom - or from an office in another country.

The ESL-RG201 and ESL-RG401/8 products provide excellent interfacing capabilities. The ESL-RG401/8 can be field-upgraded, using extra firmware modules, to become a Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI) that has even greater diagnostic facilities.

Our SpaceWire Interfaces product line-up therefore includes:

EtherSpaceLink ESL-RG201 The 4Links ESL-RG201 is our entry-level single-port Ethernet to SpaceWire bridge.
EtherSpaceLink ESL-RG401/8 The ESL-RG401/8 is our high performance SpaceWire bridge between Gigabit Ethernet and one of eight SpaceWire ports.
Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI) The 4Links Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI) is a high-performance Ethernet to SpaceWire bridge, connecting up to eight simultaneously active SpaceWire ports. It also provides comprehensive diagnostics of the activity on all of these ports.