SpaceWire Monitors

This section details the 4Links range of high-performance test equipment that is used to monitor SpaceWire networks. These devices are attached to your SpaceWire systems and then can be accessed via Gigabit Ethernet, using the standard TCP/IP family of protocols, so that they can be controlled remotely (for instance, by partners collaborating on a mission).

Passive monitoring may be used for the short-term exploration of a known issue, or for silently watching over a SpaceWire network for many days or weeks until an unexpected (or just highly-infrequent) error is detected. Both of our monitoring products can capture Error Waveforms, which illustrate the signals on a SpaceWire link at the time of an error being detected.

Test and simulation equipment must protect flight equipment from possible damage caused by the test environment. Our RG408 platform protects flight equipment with five layers of current and voltage protection.

Our SpaceWire Monitor product line-up includes:

Multi-link SpaceWire Analyzer (MSA) The 4Links Multi-link SpaceWire Analyzer (MSA) monitors up to four SpaceWire links, reporting statistics of all the low-level SpaceWire characters (both data and control) transmitted in each direction on each link. It constantly monitors for errors and the software provided displays waveforms of the wire signals before and after an error.
Multi-link SpaceWire Recorder (MSR) The 4Links Multi-link SpaceWire Recorder (MSR) monitors SpaceWire packets in both directions on up to four links per MSR unit, adding time-tags for the start and end of each packet. It then sends this information via Ethernet to a computer, for recording and analysis.