SpaceWire RMAP Responder (SRR)

The SpaceWire Remote Memory Access Protocol (RMAP) Responder provides a firmware implementation of multiple RMAP targets whose traffic can be monitored, data inspected and activity reported to the user. The SRR's low latency, of the order of 1 microsecond, is comparable with the latency of hardware devices, and does not suffer the delay of a software response.

Up to six RMAP response targets are available with 32kBytes of RMAP memory per port, or up to four targets with 64kBytes per port.

Basic Ethernet-to-SpaceWire interface capabilities are provided on SRR SpaceWire ports when they are not required to support an RMAP service.

As with all 4Links EtherSpaceLink RG-40x platform products, extra firmware may be purchased to transform the SRR hardware platform to perform other functions such as a Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) or a Multi-link SpaceWire Analyzer (MSA) or a full Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI). This ability to undertake extra duties, and on so many SpaceWire ports, makes the 4Links product range surprisingly cost-effective.

4Links SpaceWire Remote Memory Access Protocol (RMAP) Responder (SRR)

Download the SRR Product Brief (PDF)