SpaceWire Simulators

Our SpaceWire Simulators emulate customers' devices during the development phase of a project.

The Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) provides an eight-port SpaceWire routing switch that can be used as one large switch or it can be partitioned into two or more smaller ones. As a consequence, it can be introduced into a prototype spacecraft network before the engineering prototype is ready, or to provide extra routing flexibility while test equipment is attached. In addition to its routing capabilities, the FSR provides a number of traffic monitoring and reporting functions.

The SpaceWire Remote Memory Access Protocol Responder (SRR) can stand in for experiment units during the development of a spacecraft's SpaceWire network. Spacecraft experiments typically respond to the on-board computer using the Remote Memory Access Protocol. Before these devices become available, the SRR can take their places and allow development of the on-board computer and of the SpaceWire routing infrastructure. Once the experimental modules are delivered, the SRR can be used to provide parallel test-running while they are being checked out, and its Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI) mode can investigate issues at the network Link Level. It is at this time that the FSR Router can provide the necessary extra connectivity to prevent cables and connectors being frequently re-plugged.

Our SpaceWire Simulator product line-up includes:

Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) The Flexible SpaceWire Router from 4Links is an eight-port SpaceWire routing switch that provides Ethernet connectivity for its control, monitoring and diagnostics.
SpaceWire RMAP Responder (SRR) The 4Links RMAP Responder is a SpaceWire Remote Memory Access Protocol (RMAP) Data Store with up to six SpaceWire ports and an Ethernet Interface