Specifying and Upgrading our Products

It is possible to add extra options to many of the 4Links range of SpaceWire test equipment through software and firmware upgrades. This section details the extra facilities that are available.

Our range of test equipment is built on a small number of modular hardware platforms, using a common 1U 19" rack-mount style case. The products have 1 or 8 SpaceWire ports, and offer different internal resources and optional external connectors for synchronization/triggers.

By plugging in a memory card, each platform (except for the RG201) can be re-configured in the field to become any other of the 4Links test products, within the capabilities of its hardware configuration. The 8-port platforms, for example, can become an MSR, DSI, SRR, ESL, MSA, FSR or ATI. If the hardware has to be upgraded, this work will be performed by 4Links in the UK.

Our Options and Upgrades selection provides more information:

Product Options This page lists the options available for the 4Links range of SpaceWire test equipment. Additional options for a product are supplied on replacement firmware memory cards.
Firmware and Hardware Platform Details It is possible to convert most of our RG40x platform products into others in the same range, to provide additional functionality without the need to purchase more hardware. Most of these upgrades involve new firmware that can be provided on a memory card for installation by the customer, provided that the existing hardware is sufficiently capable.