Key Features:

FSR Router

  • 8 port router
  • Can be split into two routers (3&5, 4&4)
  • Statistics sent over Ethernet
  • 1U rack mounted solution
  • Up to 400Mbps link speed
  • Gb Ethernet for communication

Portable SRS Router

  • 4 or 8 port router
  • Time-Code distribution
  • Small formfactor desktop box
  • Up to 100Mbps link speed
  • Gb Ethernet for communication

Product Briefs

Related Products

4Links offers a range of SpaceWire modelling solutions covering transaction initiators/responders and Router Switches.

The transaction initiator/responder is implemented with the ESL or DSI products. This uses a host computer to enable the user to build models of their device (DUT) and plug it into a SpaceWire network.

The Router Switches (FSR or SRS) products offer up to 8 ports of SpaceWire network interconnect modelling, using the inbuilt RMAP interface for configuration they give early prototyping of a network before the final routers are developed and integrated.




  Feature  Option  FSR-RG4xx/8 Router  P-SRS Router
 Packet Statistics  PS  Option  –
 Time Code Generation  TC  Option  –