Our location

We are very excited to be relocating to Shenley Pavilions from 1st July 2020.


Our offices have been situated within the renowned Bletchley Park for 20 years. Bletchley Park is the home of the WWII code breakers who helped to break the Enigma code and the home of the first ever computer, Colossus, housed in The National Museum of Computing along with the bombe. As the museum is expanding to include the office buildings we have found a new home in the historic, ancient Shenley Wood, just a short distance from Central Milton Keynes.

Shenley Pavilions    

Maintained by The Parks Trust, Shenley Pavilions is located in Shenley Wood, an ancient woodland just a short distance from Central Milton Keynes. A tranquil haven for wildlife, Shenley Wood is made up of primarily ash and oak trees. First official records of the wood are in the Doomsday Survey of 1086 and earlier settlements around the wood containing Saxon and Roman remains have been found. 

In the surrounding area, wildflower meadows and ponds join Shenley Wood with other green areas in Milton Keynes creating Green Corridors between developed sites. These wildlife habitats help balance the natural landscape with surrounding developments and create spaces for health and relaxation for human residents.  

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is one of the UK's New Towns created in the 1960s. The ethos to balance nature with development means that it is full of green spaces. Built on a grid road system, houses and commercial property are often concealed amongst trees and over 200 miles of bicycle paths throughout the town enable people to travel anywhere by bicycle away from the busy roads. MK's marriage of nature and modernism is represented by the famous Concrete Cows sculpture created by Liz Leyh along with local schoolchildren in 1978.

Archealigocal excavations have shown evidence of human occupation here since Neolithic Times and many areas of historic value have been preserved within Milton Keynes' iconic Modernist Architecture. 

Milton Keynes has the first Buddhist Peace Pagoda to be built in Europe. Synonymous with innovation it is home to the Open University and a wealth of cutting-edge companies including the Aston Martin Redbull Racing Team.