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Paul Walker


Having worked for original British manufacturers of computers: Elliott Brothers, Ferranti, ICL, and Computer Technology, Paul Walker joined Inmos, where he championed the communication links of the Transputer.
He founded 4Links in 1993 to promote the link technology, and established a market in the space industry. He is grateful to his colleagues and to the many customers and suppliers of 4Links.
He hopes that he is worthy of ESA’s citation of ‘The Grandfather of SpaceWire’.



Dennis Gross

Sales and Marketing Manager

Dennis Gross joined 4Links in June 2013 bringing with him over 30 years of Sales and Marketing  experience  in the Space, Aerospace, Defence and Video  Broadcasting Industries.
Dennis’ knowledge and understanding of worldwide Space Companies brings and supports new strategies and growth for 4Links.
Over the 30 years Dennis has worked for Raytheon, Austin Semiconductor, Plessey and LOGIC Devices.